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Bring the Star. Winter Mixed Media Panel and Photo Step-by-Step

Привет всем, друзья!
Сегодня день моей публикации в блоге Lindy's, и на этот раз я приготовила микс-медийное панно на деревянном планшете - Bring the Star. Конечно, зимнее! :-)
Уже писала, но еще раз повторюсь - несмотря на то, что я катастрофически не люблю зиму, особенно нашу, южную, с жуткими ветрами и холодом, который насквозь пробирает, чтобы ты не одел на себя - ровно настолько же я люблю зимнюю и новогоднюю тему в скрапе! Торжество голубого и белого цветов, глиттера, мерцающей пудры, крошечных пайеток! У меня только разных средств для имитации снега целый ящик! :-)
В фото МК к этой работе я показываю создание зимнего фона. Я давно хотела попробовать сделать фон при помощи пудр для эмбоссинга, тем более, что в Lindy's огромная палитра пудр голубых, бирюзовых и золотистых оттенков.
Дублирую свой пост для Lindy's, надеюсь, вам будет интересно!
Hi gorgeous friends!
It's Olga Ravenskaya here with my new mixed media project using amazing Lindy's Embossing Powders and Sprays.
Winter is at the gates and despite I hate winter with its cold and wind I do love winter theme in crafting! So I decided to open my creative wintery season with a frosty mixed media panel "Bring the Star"
What do I need for such a project? My fav shades of blue and white plus deliciously enticing shine of gold!
Showing you today how I made such a frosty looking background using embossing powders and sprays.
Firstly I covered a wooden panel, chipboard and all the other embelishments with white gesso.
Then I used a piece of a linen cloth as a mask and partially applied upon it white gesso with a wide brush.
When I removed the cloth the traces of a fabric remained on the surface. Then sprinkled Madonna Robe Blue Gold powder over the bottom of a panel...
...Golden Angel Wings - over the middle part
Silver Moon Mistletoe - over the upper part and warmed them with a heat gun. Have a look which design came to life!
After that I took a mask and applied embossing inks through it using a dabber.
Sprinkled with Morning Glory Azure and Weeping Willow Green Gold eps just over the first layer and warmed.
I also used stars stamp with Purely White powder and embossed white stars on the surface. I know they are almost invisible on the photo below. But when you add sprays you can see beautiful contours of the stars.
Then I applied the first layer of sprays - I began from the bottom of the panel with Whale Watch Blue, then added Azure Sea Asters and on the top - Blazing Sun Glitz Spritz.
I wanted to intense the colors so I repeated this process three or four times.

Look how gorgeous it came up - embossed spots act as a resist effect and sprays spread between them so beautifully! Now you can see the stars contours too ;)
Next I added music notes stamp and embossed it with Purely White powder.
I could stop there but I wanted to create a complicated background like a frosty pattern so I applied white texture paste through the stencil.
And tinted it using the same sprays carefully applied them with a thin brush.
The last step - I added partially a crackle white paste with a palette knife.
As a final touch - I added silver and gold shimmer to all the work using Blazing Sun and Scintillating Silver Glitz Spritz just spraying them over all the crackle surface.
When all the embellishments were built up into the composition and glued I added white splashes using white gesso.
Ready! What will you say - does it look frosty?;)
Some close ups as a little inspiration...

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Hope you've enjoyed this post!
Thank you for stopping by!
Ну как, похоже на метель?!
Буду рада, если МК пригодится! Если что-то интересно - спрашивайте!
Хороших всем выходных,
p.s. не знаю, что случилось со шрифтом в английском тексте, но как исправить - не нашла(

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