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Beach House for Lindy's and Photo Tutorial/Пляжный домик для Lindy's и мастер-класс

Привет всем, девочки!

Сегодня день выхода моего поста в Lindy's, и я рада показать вам свою новую работу.
Мечтаю о предстоящем августовском отпуске, море, безделью, тропическим странам и той невероятной атмосфере пляжного отдыха, в которую ты окунаешься, стоит тебе сойти только с трапа самолета :-) 
А пока мечтаю - делаю морские проекты. И на этот раз у меня для вас Пляжный Домик, созданный на основе мдф базы Woodouts, и, конечно, с моими любимыми спреями, шейкерами и пудрами Lindy's.
Мне хотелось уйти от традиционной морской палитры и попробовать новое сочетание цветов, но при этом сохранить пляжное настроение :-) И я выбрала сочетание коралловых и сиреневых
оттенков, смотрите, что из этого вышло.
Дублирую свой пост и мастер-класс из Lindy's.
Hi gorgeous friends!
It's Olga Ravenskaya here with my new work based on fabulous Lindy's Sprays, Shakers and Squirts.
Who else is dreaming of seaside holidays like me?!
While I'm looking forward for my August jorney I'm creating projects full of dreams of tropical countries, colorful boathouses, glorious flowers and golden sands.
So let me show you my new home decor piece, The Beach House,  and some steps how I was creating it. 
I wanted to abandon the traditional marine palette and to try new color combo - violet and coral.
So firstly I've made a test palette on a piece of watercolor paper just to check the combination of colors chosen for a project.

To start I applied a stucco paste with mini art stones and a quartz sand to imitate a texture of beach house's walls.

I applied it over all the surface and then covered a house, chipboard and starfish with a white gesso.
Then I've made my own colored paste. The recipe is very easy - just mix opaque white paste with your favorite shakers. I've used Aged Copper and Alpine Ice Rose to get a coral shade and Polka Purple Shaker - for light violet.
Applying this mixture through a stencil you'll get a beautiful colored pattern as on the photo below.
While it was drying I painted the algae chippies with Polite People Purple, Canadian Bacon Blush and Emerald Eh?! Squirts using a thin brush.
When the modelling paste was completely dry I painted the surface with Sprays trying to create a gradient effect. For the upper part I used Chateau Rose, Cape Cod Coral and Cocklebells Coral sprays.

For the lower part I used Pop Rock Purple, Gag Me With a Spoon and French Lilac Violet Sprays.
Next I stamped with water resist inks to make a surface more interesting.
As for chippies I covered them with Clearly Clear embossing powder to protect the color during my further work.
Then I built up the main composition with the starfish.
And tinted the starfish and seashells with a mixture of white gesso and Aged Copper and Alpine Ice Rose Shakers for a coral shade and Polka Purple Shaker - for light violet. 
So the base for further spraying is ready.
Spray now using the same colors - from Chateau Rose on the top till French Lilaс Violet on the bottom. You may intensify colors as you want applying additional layers of Sprays. 

At the end I added flowers, beads, microbeads and splatters by Edelweiss Moss Green and French Lilac Violet Sprays.

And some close ups as a little inspiration.

Lindy's Products:
Other products:
  • Ranger Texture Paste, DecoArt Texture Stucco, Scrapiniec chipboard, Prima Marketing metal embelishments, Rukodelushka flowers, beads, microbeads, natural seashells.
Hope you've enjoyed my post!
Thank you for stopping by!
Надеюсь, вам понравилось и пригодится!
Если что-то интересно еще, спрашивайте, с удовольствием расскажу.

А я на этом прощаюсь сегодня.
Отличного вам лета!

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